Friday, 7 April 2017

Making Huts- Hut Writing

In Room 2 we have been exploring personal experiences in writing and how we can use these in our writing.

So we looked at a piece of writing by Gavin Bishop about hut building he did as a child.

Then we made our our huts in class: See the pictures!!!

From here we wrote our experiences about hut building. I'll add examples of these as I finish marking them.

I will know I’ve been successful when I have:
Write to describe a time when we have built a hut
Include the words spoken/shouted
Included speech marks
Started each speaker on a new line

Making Huts
Most of all though, we liked making huts. We made huts in the shed at home; we made huts in the willows along the creek; we made huts under the pine trees at school. There, we heaped up the needles into low walls. Each day the huts got bigger. We worked in groups of three or four adding more and more rooms - vast roofless mansions spreading in every direction under the trees, until someone would shout,
“Our hut’s bigger than yours!”
“No it’s not!”
“Yes it is!”
“No it’s not!”
“Yes it is!”
This would go on and on until someone ran forward and booted a hole in the wall of one of the huts. That would shut us all up. Then, quietly, the builders of the damaged hut would set about rebuilding the broken wall until Mr McLeod called us inside for afternoon school.
from “Piano Rock” by Gavin Bishop

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