Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Book Week Song


This week we have the Enviroschools Facilitator Sonya Sedgwick coming in to school to work with classes to create stone art. We will be painting our own rocks to represent the different stars within the Matariki Constellation. We have been learning the Matariki Waiata to sing during the workshop.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Nathan and Max's experiments with air pressure

Nathan and Max have been experimenting with air pressure as part of our inquiry into simple machines. They have constructed potato cannons that are powered by high pressure air pumped in from a bicycle pump. Here are some photos of them testing the cannon. The furthest shot travelled 82 metres!

Maths Like A Pirate

This week we in Room 2 we are doing lots of Pirate based activities for Book Week and the Book Fair! Today we started with Maths Like a Pirate.

Students had to make a treasure chest with only paper and 1m of cellotape.  The treasure chest had to fit their pencils in. We discussed where is the Maths in this activity before we started and we brainstormed the following- Measurement, Geometry, Shape, 3D Shapes, Area, Volume.

We also looked at what skills we need to use when working with our buddy. We focused in on the value of relationships and the skills of communication and co-operation.

Here are some photos of our work.