Friday, 7 April 2017

Camp writing based on James K Baxter's 'Our Town"

In writing we explored James K Baxter's 'Our Town'

We looked at listing sentences and the patterns we noticed in his writing.

Using his example we created our own writing based on our Camp at Mountain Valley.

I will know I’ve been successful when I have:
  • Begun with The…...was usual enough…
  • Listed at least 5 nouns related to the place
  • Listed at least 5 actions using strong verbs
  • Included did what boy/girls do…
  • Concluded with doing nothing important.


The town was usual enough; it had

A creek, a bridge, a beach a sky

Over it, and even a small tin church

I never went to. My brother, my cousins and I

Did what boys do- dozed in the hot

Schoolroom, made bows and arrows, dodged the mad

Boat builder, crept like rabbits through the black

Under-runners with a weak torch,

Burnt dry rushes, wrestled or swam

Doing nothing important.

By James K Baxter

The camp was usual enough; it had
A playground , a river , a bridge and even a mud course which I found hard.
Me, Evie, Mac, Allegra and Phebot did things that girls do-spilled water on each other, told jokes to each other like clowns, made silly noises, chatted all night, be silly, did talent contests.
Doing nothing important

By Poppy

Mountain Valley camp was usual enough;
It had cabins, trees, a little waterfall, dogs and a very big river we went rafting on. Evie and I did what girls do- chat, play in the mud, run around on the grass, swim in the river and ride the horses. Everyone was shining their torches in the tents, getting scratched by the blackberry bush and eating marshmallows.
Doing nothing important.

By Allegra

Mountain Valley camp was unusual enough;
It had horses, white water rafting archery, a massive 2KM!!!!!!! Mud run, shooting and morning runs.
We did what boys do- annoy each other, run around kicking balls and throwing frisbees.
Doing nothing important.

By Austin

Camp was usual enough;
It had horses, a river, cabins, smelly mud, dogs, slides, tents, swamps,
fires, it even had blackberries and a playground. Forgot to mention the toilets!
Blake and I were doing what boys do- falling in mud, hiding from people and splashing people. Tyler, Salvador, Ben, Blake and I stayed up in the tents and the cabins.
Doing nothing important.

By Sam B

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